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12 Not A Love Triangle

Idiom List

look after

fell head over heels in love

died of a broken heart

has a sweet tooth

cheer up


love at first sight

what's the matter?

just in time

passed away

over and over again

Mike Pompeo wants to _________ his country's relationship with South Korea. He visits South Korea ________________ to talk with State officials. Each time he visits he stays at the same hotel, and the hotel staff knows he ______________. One time the hotel didn't have his favorite treat--sweet, spiced wine--and he almost ___________________. 

_______________ with the U.S relationship with South Korea? Kim Jung Un became president of North Korea after his father had ______________. Since then, the tensions between North and South Korea have gone from bad to worse. Why? Kim Jung Un _________________ with nuclear weapons. When he saw how missiles were used to deliver nukes, it was _______________. The situation hasn't been good.  

Now Donald Trump wants to ____ Mike Pompeo by meeting with Kim Jung Un for the third time.  As for South Koreans, they are concerned about their country's relationship with the North but not _______________ by it. 

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