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When an investment pays well, we repeat it. The same is true when repeating a class with the same teacher. Knowing the value of his investment, one student returned after military and said: "By no means did I forget you."

Orran started teaching English with Chung Dahm Academy then continued English Conversation at Tongmyong University for the next four years.

When the University's online Moodle system crashed, he developed this website to increase student talk time (STT). The site engages students online and in the classroom with the use of smartphone quizzes. Besides the Grammar reference Speaking Shop, here's a look some classroom management practices and brief biography:




TeamPointsEmbracing technology, students enter the classroom with maybe a pop-quiz. They cannot take the quiz outside of the classroom because the question is on the overhead display, so they must be present and on-time. Proper yet not overbearing management is always essential to a good class environment.


Two games are played in class. After the first game students see their team points given on the overhead projector. Then they become much more enthused for the next game.

An entire gradebook has been designed to easily manage student attendance, assignments, points and letter grades with Microsoft Excel. Creative use of Excel's random feature has been an excellent way to play games. As every professor of language knows, games have been proven as effective in acquiring a language.

Orran has learned to have a grade for every half hour each day the student attends class. This is due to students walking out of class once their attendance was taken. Relax though, attendance only has to be taken twice in one class for students to get the message.






Advised by a medical doctor to find another profession, Orran studied English with diligence so as not to waste time with college entrance courses. He ambitiously wanted to participate in the creativity of a football commercial (the single most televised event in America), so marketing became his concentration. By the time he finished university studies in oil resources, marketing consumer products became a less attractive career choice. However, consumer motivation has been among the transfer skills to teaching students with little motivation to study.

An RPI Player, Orran performed as Quartermaster Robert Hitchens in Titanic the Musical. In addition, he directed, cast and edited an informational video for the Lally School of Management.

In 2006 he worked as an Intern for Howard Schaffer Media Marketing resulting in the above carousel of newpaper articles.

Furthermore, he has continued his professional leadership by achieving the speaker status of Toastmaster (TM) with Toastmasters International. He currently lives in Korea with his wife 배성조.

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