Lazy Mailman Hides Letters



what is going on? = what is happening?    무슨 일이 일어나고 있습니까?

smell at rat = think there may be something wrong    수상히 여기다. 김새를 채다.

look into (something) = investigate;  examine something    을 조사하다.

drop in = visit for a short time    잠간 들르다

come across something = find something by chance    을 발견하다. 찾아내다.

at least = a minimum of  no fewer than    적어도

at once = immediately    적시 당장


The Saewol was on it's way to Jeju Island. When the ship listed, the students asked "What's going on?" Then the ship capsized all at once. The Coast Guard looked into the ship. They came across many cars not properly secured. Koreans smelled a rat and had detectives drop in at the office of Park Geun Hae.