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Goals & Objectives

1)  Warm up: Handout of Action Words


2) Present: Grammar (Take Notes)


3) Practice: Identify Actions 


4) Produce: Team Game 


5) Review: Answer 3 & Go!


Pictures using Commands                         

[ You ] Burn your hand.

Don't [you] burn your hand!



Subject - Verb Agreement

  I, You, We, They   add, wash, cry
  He, She, It   adds, washes, cries


Possessive Adjective - your, his, her, their, its


He ties your shoes

He ties his shoes


Identify Actions

Practice Conversation (Game Choice 1)


A:     Does he cry like a baby?
 B:    Yes, he cries like a baby.
    No, he doesn't cry like a baby.

Game Choice 1

Team      Random Student Ask & Answer
3 points
   First to question
2 points
  Answer in negative (No)
1 point   Answer in positive


Game Choice 2



Answer 3 Multiple Choice Questions


Finish and Go


Download this file (People and Simple Action Words Demo.pptx)3 Action Identification[ ]
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