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1 Nice to Meet You Introduction, Greeting

2 Countries And Nationalities Be Verb

3 Possessive Adjectives my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their

4 Describing People long, black... angry, sad...

5 Telling Time Numbers

6 Jobs & Routines Grammar: Present Simple Tense

7 Family  possessives: my mother

8 Free Time  once, twice, week, month, year

9 What's The Weather Like?  Vocabulary

10 I Like It  Grammar: like / don't like

11 Elementary Review 1 To 10




Grammar To Conversation

1 Yes, No Questions 

2 Do, Does, Are, Is

3 Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Questions

4 Was, Were

5 -Ing vs. -ed endings 

6 A, An, The, Some, Any

7 Prepositions

8 I do vs. I am doing

9 Question Tags

10 Possessive Adjectives

11 When was the last time...

12 Asking about regular activities

Can You Believe It? Idioms

Book One

Ch. 1  Gets worse and worse 
Can’t stand
Get rid of
Loses it  
  Ch. 9 Breaking into 
Take off
Speeds up
Hangs on for dear life
Slows down
Are in big trouble 
Ch. 2 Taking a ferry
Goes back to
Picks up
Walks off
Red in the face
  Ch. 10 Get along with 
Be fed up
Again and again
Turn () down
Take () away
Be steaming
Go after ()
Ch. 3 Is horrified by 
Runs away 
Turns over 
Falls asleep
Is taking a nap
  Ch. 11 Spending time with 
Were over
Let () out
Later on
Make a mistake 
So far
Ch. 4 Getting over 
Turns off
Gets out of
Gets on 
Fast asleep
Getting better 
        Ch. 12 Belongs to 
Had trouble
Be at death’s door
Save the day
Show up 
Ch. 5 Goes shopping
Heads for
On the way
Freaks out
Calms down 
Congratulations on
  Ch. 13 Smell a rat 
Look into 
Drop in
Come across
At least
At once 
Ch. 6 Drops by 
After a while 
Is frightened by 
Lots of
Right away
Just in time
  Ch. 14 Is in 
See eye to eye
Get mad 
Have second thoughts 
Stare at
Think about 
Ch. 7 Is into
Looks like
As well as
Laugh at
Cheer up
Are crazy about 
  Ch. 15 One in a million 
Be dirt poor
Drop out 
Make a living
Be well off
Ch. 8 Taking a vacation
Take a picture of
Gets in
Looking for
Do one’s best
Not believe one’s eyes 


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