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Adding Emotions

When writing and speaking, here is a list of words to express how one feels. From Strong to Stronger to Very Strong to Strongest, the words are listed by intensity. Easily translated, select from a range of negative and positive emotions.

Negative Human EmotionIntensity 


Tired Jumpy Uncomfortable
Worry Burdened Intimidated Annoyed
Anxious Weary Apprehensive Frustrated
Stressed Exhausted Hostile Angry
Overwhelmed Drained Destructive In rage (enraged)

Indifferent Sad Cautious Nervous Dissatisfied
Ignored Depressed Doubtful Scared Upset
Contempt Grief Hesitant Fearful Disappointed
Rude Agony Wary Shocked Crushed
Obnoxious Misery Suspicious Panic

IntensityPositive Human Emotions

Glad Hopeful Able Adequate


Expectant Capable Good
Delighted Relieved Confident Great
Joyful Satisfied Strong Excellent
Elated Assured Courageous Sublime
Thrilled Certain Powerful


Comfortable  Eager  Stable  Interested  Love
              Relaxed  Surprised  Positive  Fascinated  Compassion
Pleasant  Excited  Superior  Awe  Sympathy
Peaceful  Lively  Magnificent  Inspired  Empathy
Pleasure Enthusiastic Glorious


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